About Us

Alpha Omega Christian Women's Service Fraternity began on the campus of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC in the fall of 1995. During that semester, three of the founding sisters attended Panhellenic Rush, but the girls decided that the sororities lacked something important. Christy Blackwell, Tina Dittebenner, and Leigh Kirby went back to Tina's dorm room to discuss the possibility for an organization on campus that was centered on Christian beliefs and inexpensive to members. But the group needed a name, so it was decided that, based on Revelations 1:8, the organization would be known as Alpha Omega, using the Greek letters Alpha (A), meaning the beginning, and Omega (W), meaning the end. The rest of the title of the organization extends from the name in order of importance since our first service is to God (Christian), followed by our service to the community (Service), and ending with service to each other (Fraternity).

According to Winthrop's Student Government Association, however, to form a new organization on campus, Christy and the others needed to collect the signatures of at least ten potential members, write a set of by-laws, designate an adviser, and conduct a hearing with the Student Government Association (SGA). With God's support, enough signatures were found, by-laws were written, the faculty advisor, Ann Lister, was secured, and the meeting with the SGA went smoothly. As a result, Alpha Omega was approved as an official organization at Winthrop.

The founding sisters of Alpha Omega and the original officers were Christy Blackwell (president), Leigh Kirby (vice president), Dana Clark (secretary), Vondra Kemp (treasurer), and Tina Dittebenner (historian). In addition to these officers, the first members of Alpha Omega were Meredith Cook, Ann Byers, Sharon Goodwin, Kimberly Terry, Kym Kissner, Desha Wright, Katherine Howle, Deana Guest, Rebecca Caldwell, and Monica Loadholt.

At the first meeting, these sisters approved purple and gold for the colors of the organization based on Mark 15:17 and Revelations 21:21, respectively. The lamb was chosen as the symbol based on Revelations 17:14, and the Rose of Sharon was chosen as the flower based on Song of Solomon 2:1.

The Mission Statement of the organization was also adopted at this time. It reads as follows: "We offer ourselves in dedication, striving towards Christ-like behavior. We commit ourselves to show our walk in Christ by Christian service to our community and the world beyond, always faithful to our sisters in Christian love and moral support."